Horse Shows

Margje fan de Pikestielp obtains Ster Mare Status at FPS Friesian Keuring


Margje, owned by Sandra Ammonn, obtained "Ster" Mare status at the FPS Friesian Keuring held in St. George, ON on Sept 21. Many thanks to Aise Bouma, Margje's breeder, who flew in from the Netherlands to "run" Margje for the keuring. Thanks also to Giselle Perry who was also in the ring with Margje. Congratulations, Margje!

Xenophon SMF judged 1st Premie and Reserve Champion of the FPS Friesian Keuring


Xenophon SMF, owned by Sandra Ammonn, obtained 1st Premie status at the FPS Friesian Keuring in St. George, ON. on Sept 21. He was also named Reserve Champion Colt at the same event! Many thanks to Giselle Perry and Aise Bouma for "running" Cindrl and "Zen". Congratulations, "Zen"!

Niagara Equestrian Festival

Giselle Perry placed 4th in the 1.1/1.15m Power and Speed Class on Benge at the Niagara Equestrian Festival held at Niagara-on-the-Lake. On Ghandi Giselle placed 6th in the 0.9m Jumper Class.

Old Orchard Show

Roxanne riding Tex placed 6th in the Pleasure Hack, 6th in the Road Hack, and 6th in the Show Hack. Kirsi riding Ruby Tuesday placed 3rd in the 2'9" Jumper Class. Tania riding Tex placed 4th in the 2'9" Jumper Class.

Overall another very successful showing from the Sanmar Team!

Black Lightening Show

Roxane wins Gambler's Choice at Black Lightening Jumper Show April 29! Congratulations to Haley, Roxanne, Kirsi, and Giselle for a very successful show. Everyone made dramatic improvements in their show form. Haley had an outstanding first show!